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With us you can put everything on the map: places, events and soon in 3.0 also products & services!

Your Curated Guide for Tourists and Locals

Your Guide will be published on and optionally on your own domain & app

Google Maps, Eventbrite and Facebook combined

Create your Local Guide for Android, iOS and the web in 30 minutes!

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SimpleMap SimpleMapps SimpleMapp is a free Local Guide Platform tool for iOS, Android and the web. Use our App Creator Software to build apps. Use our online app creator software and try our app builder for free

Do you want to build your own local marketplace?

With 3.0 Local Shopping software tool you can!

With the upcoming local marketplace software tool version 3.0 you can create a map-based local marketplace for web and app. You will earn a commission on every product sale and service booking.

Preview 3.0 Local Shopping

Create Your Curated Local Business Directory Map

with shops, events, offers, news, posts, and pages to market selected local businesses and events. Start using the best business directory software now!

SimpleMapp Local Business Directory Map Builder

Monetize Your Local Knowledge

by guiding customers to great shops with discounted offers, businesses, locations and events

with SimpleMapp Online App Creator Software


Your Local Guide

A unique Guide with a selection of places, events and offers


Market Shops and Events to Tourists and Locals alike 
you create a digital map directory with great locations, shops, events and more

SimpleMapp App Creator free tryout!


Your App Users

discover your selection of local businesses, shops, deals, and events in an exciting and user friendly way

In Your Local Business Directory Everybody Wins

Create a Local Guide for a topic you choose (1) with places, shops, deals and events. Use pages and posts to market specials. Your Guide will become highly relevant for business owners (2) to join, in order to reach their target group of local customers. App users (3) discover new places and local deals and are guided to great events.



Easily create or import locations, events and posts. Add pictures, videos and audios to every listing. Business owners of locations can always join with your approval.

Earn Money By Offering A Local Marketing Platform

we strive for your success!

We offer online App Creator free tryouts!

SimpleMapp App Creator helps you earn money!


earn with marketing offers

SimpleMapp App Creator helps you earn money!

Business Owners

can add or claim their location and become Location Admin to add content

SimpleMapp App Creator helps you earn money!

App Users

discover, rate, review, like and share

SimpleMapp App Creator free tryout!
SimpleMapp App Creator free tryout!

Business Owners can update their own “mini homepage”

with an own login at any time. For better visibility, you can sell business owners the option to list their events and offers one level higher, in Guide categories.

SimpleMapp App Creator free tryout!

You Can Also Sell Primary Listings To Business Owners

and offer push message marketing, show ads or sell your app in the stores

SimpleMapp App Generator - Create A Local Business Directory Map

Primary Listings On Top

SimpleMapp App Generator - Create A Local Business Directory Map

Push Message Marketing

SimpleMapp App Generator - Create A Local Business Directory Map

Web and Mobile Ads

SimpleMapp App Generator - Create A Local Business Directory Map

Sell Your App In The Stores

Easily manage the complete content of your Guide

with a cloud based CMS 24/7

and learn from usage statistics Use Cases

Use to map a portion of reality to your app

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