simple map 2.5
The map view’s beautiful UI

Looking for the German version of this article? Hier weiterlesen has moved from to the new domain, so that the .app is much easier to remember. With the update 2.5 come many improvements that our customers have wished for; graphical professionalism, the option to run your Guide under your own domain, better monetization opportunities with business owners / site owners, more data interoperability with CSV Import & Export, better filters for map and list views on the web, opening hours for businesses, live events as well as easier pricing with higher contingents. But read for yourself.

State-of-the-Art User Interface

  • The Guide color is now freely selectable from 16 million colors. Your Guide, your corporate identity!
  • The app now launches with the list view, moving the map view on the second place.
  • State-of-the-art list design for locations, events and posts, with the aim to always display the best image resource possible. For a great user experience, backgrounds of posts are automatically retrieved from the post content, or ratings and number of reviews of the entry, as well as opening hours or the price of an event are displayed. If only videos or audio files are stored for a location or event, a video still or an audio background is displayed in the list and map views. Your users will love your app!
  • You can now use images and map icons for all categories, the area of “technical category trees” without any visual tidbits is over. In the apps, the user now sees how many entries are hidden behind a category to support targeted browsing.
  • The real added value map:
    • on the web, a selected entry is now displayed on the complete left side of the map, like we are used to from other mapping products, e.g. a local business with its upcoming events
    • CUSTOM MAP ICONS per category, which can be overwritten per location or event bring fun and great visual help for the map view
    • The most important thing now is to see at a glance in the detail view of a map entry: displays the tagline of a location or the venue of an event in bold, as well as the rating including the number of reviews, and whether a location is open or closed, or what an event costs
    • Correct, full display of company / location logos in list and on map, as well as in detail view (“fit center” optimised display for logos instead the “crop” mode for pictures)
  • Media (pictures, videos, audios) can now be added not only to locations and events, but also to pages and posts; the order of added media can be changed with one click

Use your own domain

You would like to operate your Guide website under your own domain? With 2.5 this is possible, please contact us by quoting your Guide-ID. After you add one DNS entry at your domain, we will configure your Guide to run under what ever domain you want.

For example, is running under and

Opening hours, special opening hours and live events Local Events
Filter events by price, when/LIVE, or search text on the list and map view

In, your Guide now offers more more precise opening hours than on Google Maps, thanks to special opening hours. You or the site owner can create weekly recurring opening times per location, and define special time frames that are closed or open on certain days. This is perfect for the seasonal openings of an alpine hut, or temporary closing times due to holiday or renovation. Your users can search for and filter on currently open locations, and see if the location is currently open and when it closes, or if it is closed, when it reopens.

“LIVE” Events, are currently taking place and are visually immediately distinguishable from other, future events with “LIVE”. Likewise, users can use the “Live” ON / OFF filter on the web (for desktop, tablet and responsive) to look for current events in their area.

Business owners can now post and promote events and posts / offers directly on Guide level, optionally for a fee

Upcoming Events on the map
Upcoming events of locations are now shown on the map preview. Businesses can also promote their own events or offers
  • If site owners (Location Admins, LA; and Location Editors, LE) add events or posts / offers, they will always be listed under their own location. Since 2.5, events and contributions from business owners can optionally also be published one level higher, directly in categories at Guide level. To do this, the LA / LE simply selects one or more Guide categories to post into when creating the event or post.
  • The Guide Admin (GA) can review events and posts, that LA/LE want to list in Guide categories, via email; to publish or reject such a listing is easy doable with one click directly out from the e-mail program.
  • This is the first time you can allow site owners to list ads for your events or offers in appropriate Guide categories, and you can optionally make this marketing a paid service.
  • Optionally, you can create a (mandatory) template for events or posts to bind the business owner’s postings to your specifications.
  • For example, events for a city-wide discotheque app can now be listed by the discos / clubs themselves into Guide categories. After the review of the GA, which he optionally bounds to the payment of a fee, the advertised event can be searched for and found faster and easier in the Guide categories by users (who can save the event with one click to their own calendar on their phone, or to Google calendar or Microsoft outlook on the web). This increases the advertising reach for the club owner dramatically, compared to if the event were “only” listed under the club location.
  • Whether or not content is allowed to be added by site owners in Guide categories, and whether a review is required, can be enabled or disabled in the Guide settings

Custom Filter

Filter Business Directory Map with
You can filter locations by opening hours, rating or if they are new

We’ve added new filter types for list and map view locations and events that can be used on the web in any combination under or your own domain.

  • Locations can be filtered by all criteria plus free text, and additionally by
    • Newly added
    • Newly added since
    • Top rated
    • Open now
  • Events can be filtered by all criteria plus free text, and additionally by
    • Newly added
    • Newly added since
    • Top rated
    • Free
    • Live now
    • When

Data import, updates & data export with CSV

  • Easily import all data (locations, events, posts) via standard comma-separated-value files
    • Simply prepare the data in an Excel spreadsheet or a Google spreadsheet with our CSV headers, export them as CSV file, and import hundreds of locations, events, or posts with one click into your Guide!
    • Addresses are automatically geocoded when importing with Open Street Map (Lng / Lat> address).
    • Multi-media files (images, videos and audios) can be specified in the CSV file as a link to a public resource on the Internet, and will be added to the location, event or post when imported.
    • Opening hours can be specified and imported in seven columns for each day of the week.
    • Categories in the “$Categories” column are automatically created during import and assigned to the location, event, or post.
    • The ID of an external system can be imported to as “$ExtID”, and consequently will be exported with the entry by the export. In combination with updates, this enables you to keep data synchronous between your system that can also take the data leadership, and!
  • Update: Existing entries (locations, events, posts) can be updated during the next import by adding the “$SimpleMappID” to the entry. You can retrieve this value from the previous import protocol. Only data columns, that exist in the (update) CSV file, will be used to update existing entries in your Guide.
  • Locations, events and posts can be exported at any time as CSV. Keep a backup of your own data, or use this feature to transfer data from one Guide to another.

Youtube integration and better ads

  • You can add Youtube videos to pages and posts by utilising “Insert – Insert video” in the WYSIWYG editor. Just enter the Youtube video link there and hit enter.
  • Youtube videos are embedded in the web, and are shown instead of the the media gallery in the top third of the screen in the apps. Below the Youtube video, you can place other content such as text or pictures and (button) links.
  • You can monetize your Guide with Google Adsense ads, by entering your Google Adsense ID in your Guide’s preferences. Also, now next-generation ads are displayed, and the map view monetises your traffic with double ads, over the map and on the right side of the map.

Further improvements

Simple Map Simple app Simple Mapp
Add an event to Outlook, Google calendar or your phone’s calendar with one click
  • Many bug fixes, performance enhancements, and tweaks
    • Improved navigation for non-circular pages and posts to easily create stories, that now can span across multiple pages (and / or posts).
    • Through the option to freely use HTML in all content types (location, event, post, page) any (own) advertising can be embedded in pages and posts of your Guide.
    • PDFs can now be zoomed also on iOS devices
    • Improved Guide Admin (GA) usability
      • A location or event venue can now be placed in the map with one click.
      • To easily create multiple nearby locations or events in a row, the map camera view is now set to the section of the previous element.
      • Simple entry of event data (enter the date and time separately for the start and end).
      • Clearer admin menus and simpler terms.
      • Better evaluations and view / click statistics
      • Added a link to easily switch between the admin view and the user view in lists.
      • Event registration (RSVP) can now be enabled / disabled per event.
      • “Join Guide!” renamed to “Add location!”
      • Many further detail improvements under the hood as well as update of the code for better performance Discover local shops, events and deals. The new app for Berliner’s and tourist alike

SimpleMapp Simple map Simple mapp

The new hosts local shops, events, offers & news

“Support your local dealer!” was Made with 2.5, and shows an example of how to build up a Local Guide. The Berlin offer is still under construction, and we are looking for cooperation partners from the publishing sector or a marketing agency from Berlin. If you are interested, please contact us!


We are very happy to finally release Version 2.5, that comes with much love for quality in the details, and a little bit later as planned, in the beginning of April 2019. The delay was due to the abundance of improvements, as we diligently tried to consistently align the Local Guide platform with opening hours, live events, CSV import & export, custom filters and a much smoother and more professional user interface.

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Are you now having the desire to try out our platform? Then you can register here for free and without obligation. After logging in, our new onboarding helps you to not forget anything important. Once you have added your first locations, events, or posts, you can simply enter your Guide-ID into the Android app or iOS App version 2.5 to see your Guide as an app.

Be quick to save twice: if you book six months from a package by April 30, 2019, the package fee for the next two months to come is on us.

Be sure that we are already grateful for your feedback to version 2.5, so we can develop an even better, greater and faster 3.0! BTW, the development of 3.0 has already started…

Happy creating 🙂

Jonas Soukup