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Your Guide. Your Topic. Your Brand.

You, the Guide Admin, has full access to our web-based CMS

Your Business Owners / Location Admins have access to this feature as well

You can charge Business Owners for this feature

A great monetization option for your Guide


Quickly Set Up Your Guide Within 30 Minutes

Start with our Guide plan for free. You can grow to a multi platform app for Android, iOS and on the web under your own domain at any time.


Customization And Guide-ID

Set your custom Guide color, add a promo image, your brand/logo, and choose if you want to show ads. Set your unique GuideID for great SEO ({GuideID}) and easy to remember input in the app.

Powerful CMS

With our web based CMS, you’re in complete control of your Guide. Businesses Owners are in control of their own locations and the content belonging to that location once you approve them.

Instant Update On All Devices

Edit all content in your browser. Changes are saved in the cloud and instantly synced to apps on Android and iOS automatically.

Locations / Businesses

Everything is a location. So are businesses with a storefront. Upload a logo and description, or link to external webpages such as Facebook. Add regular and special opening hours, so your users know, which locations are currently open or when they are going to close. You can also upload a custom map icon per location!


Create or import events. If the event is taking place at an existing location, connect them with a click to show upcoming events at that location. Business Owners can list their own events at their location, and you can allow them to list events on Guide level too (with or without your review). Users can add events to their phone calendar on Android or iOS and to their Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook on the web with a single click. You can also upload a custom map icon per event!

Import And Export Locations, Events And Posts Via CSV

Content can be imported, updated and exported via comma separated value (CSV) files at any time. Compile your locations, events or posts in a Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel by following our field definition, save it as CSV and import that file to your Guide. With the import, categories are automatically created and assigned, as are media files (audio, video, pictures) and even opening hours. To save or export your data, use the export as CSV feature. You can also use this feature to transfer data between multiple Guides.

Review Content Added By Business Owners Before It Is Going Live

You can allow your business owners (Location Admins, LA) to add events and posts also on Guide level in your Guide’s categories (normally events and posts from LA are added on location level only). If the review feature is enabled, you will get an email once a new event or post is added to a Guide category, to approve or reject it with one click. Oh and BTW, before you approve it you can make sure that the Business Owner pays for this marketing, for example.

Event RSVP

Optionally let users register for events and get notified of event registrations by email. Gather name, email, telephone and address details of event participants. Check current participants in an up-to-date list.

User Roles And Right Management

You, the Guide Admin, can invite unlimited number of Guide Editors that help you manage your Guide. You can also invite other Guide Admins, that enjoy your super admin rights. Location Admins and Location Editors only have the right to manage the content of their very own business. Simply invite new users by email and control privileges in the user management section.



Just like in WordPress, you can create unlimited number of pages with a full WYSIWYG editor, and also add them to your menu. Add text, media, Youtube links, PDFs, contact forms, or import or link to external URLs/Websites. You can also use the link feature, to easily let your users navigate from Page to Page by clicking the link, to follow your very own story.



Posts support all features that pages do, plus they can be organized in categories (and categories can be placed in the menu). You can use posts to show latest news, offers or deals, for example. Business Owners can add posts to their own location, or if you decide so, they can also post in your Guide’s categories (either with or without your mandatory review). You can create a special post category, in which your Business Owners may post their offers with links to their own location or event, and sell this marketing offering to them, for example.



All pages, posts, events and location details can be edited with a full WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can also create reusable templates to save time.


Create contact forms, price draws or request forms and gather data from your Guide users. Receive submitted data by email. Business Owners can use forms to generate leads to new customers.

Import Websites

Import websites to your pages and posts. Just enter the URL and let render it beautifully on mobile and on the web. 



You get full PDF compatibility. Upload a single PDF file to show in a page or post.

Assemble Your Menu

You decide what is important by including or excluding items in your menu, such as pages, categories for locations, events or posts, and filters. You can place those menu items in the main menu or in the footer menu. The order of menu entries you easily change via drag-and-drop. Business Owners can create their very own menu for their location too!

Internal And External Links

Link all content with one another. You can link freely between pages, posts, locations, events or categories to create an individual Guide experience. Include links to external websites, Facebook, Twitter or blogs too. Be free!


Add images to locations, events, pages or posts. Let Business Owners add images to their own content.



Add audio files to locations, events, pages or posts. Once added they can be played on Android, iOS and the web with a single click. Available for Business owners too, of course.

Videos and Youtube

Add videos to locations, events, pages or posts. Of course Business Owners can upload their own videos too. For best viewing experience, videos are automatically transcoded for Android and iOS devices. You can also add a Youtube video to pages and posts by selecting “Insert – Insert/edit video” in the WYSIWYG editor and paste the Youtube link there. 


Categories And Map Icons

Organize locations, events and posts in categories and sub-categories. Upload an image and a map icon for location and event categories. Add categories to your menu so your users can navigate your content easily. With categories, you can create a very unique and curated Guide!


Batch Jobs

Batch jobs help you being productive and saving time. Assign or delete categories of multiple locations, events or posts at once. With Batch Jobs you can mark or unmark locations, events or posts as Primary Listings.

Use Primary Listings For Better Marketing

In Batch Jobs, you can “upgrade” multiple locations, events or posts to Primary Listings and assign them a Gold, Silver, Bronze status. Primary Listings will always be shown on top of the lists, are sorted according to their rank, and are marked with a gold, silver or bronze star on the map. Use this powerful feature to sell increased visibility and primary presentation to Business Owners! BTW, Ebay and other portals earn a lot of money with this feature. 

Usage Statistics Help You Understand What's Hot

In the admin view of your lists, you can track usage statistics such as likes, views on Android, iOS or the web, or number of comments, media files, and other. 

Show Advertisments

Monetize your Guide with ads. If you decide to show ads, just include your Google Adsense (for web) and Google Admob (for mobile) IDs in the settings of your Guide to and earn money right from the start.

Send Push Messages

Send out unlimited number of Push Messages. When a user taps on it a location, page, post or event can be opened. Offer paid Push Message Marketing to Business Owners to increase engagement and traffic.

Sell App in Stores

In  our “App” plan we will distribute your Guide as own app under your account on Google Play and Apple App Store. We can also set a price for your app, of course.

Business Owners

are able to join or claim their location, post offers and events listed at their location, or opt-in to greater visibility by posting special deals and events one level higher, directly in your Guide’s categories

Direct Marketing & Lead Generation

Business Owners are in control over their profile with their own logo, menu, pages, news, offers and events. They benefit from a direct marking channel in your Guide. Multiple options for lead generation (posting current offers, running price draws, integrating request forms, gathering event participant data, etc.) help them generate more revenue.

Own Login & Total Currentness of Data

Business Owners use their email and password to login and easily manage their profile without any special knowledge. Total currentness of all data synced to all devices help them communicate daily offers or last-minute event changes.

Join Guide

Within clicks Business Owners can join your Guide to manage their own listing. Once a Location Admin, Business Owners can invite unlimited number of colleagues by e-mail to become Location Editors. Enable the “Join Guide” setting, and you will attract more Business Owners to join your Guide automatically.

Claim Location

Already existing locations may be claimed by Business Owners with a single click in web or app to gain control over that listing. Use this feature to quickly setup your business database with basic local business profiles, and let Business Owners complete their own presence after you acknowledged the claim request.

Integrated Communication

List all Location Admins (Business Owners) and Location Editors of your Guide, contact them by e-mail, see their usage statistics like page views or cloud space used and enable/disable them.

Usage Statistics

Keep track of cloud space used, page views on Android, iOS and web, and other statistics to setup an appropriate plan with your Business Owners.

Guide Users

are guided to local businesses and shops, find special deals around the corner, and add events to their calendar with one click


Powerful Search

Your Guide’s content and category names can be searched by free-text. Be sure to educate your Business Owners to use specific keywords in their descriptions so they are displayed on the map and in the list when a user searches for a specific term.

Custom Filters

Create custom filters and add them to the menu. Define two default filters for both location and events to let your web users easily filter content on the list and map views.

My Likes

App users can save locations and events to “My Likes” by clicking on the heart. In the apps, Guides can be liked too.

Instant Navigation

App Users can navigate to every location or event with a single tap on Android and iOS.


Locations & events can be rated by app users from 1 to 5 stars. Of course you can enable or disable the rating feature for locations and / or events.



Locations, businesses and events can be commented on by users.

Social Sharing

App Users can share app content on Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter to spread the word and help your Guide grow.

Locality by design

Because the Guide Directory orders Guides by distance in the apps, you can quickly grow your local user base.

Create Your Local Guide Now

You can start for free, and once your Guide grows, you can opt-in to use your own internet domain and even distribute your own iOS app on Apple App Store and your own Android app on Google Play!