With SimpleM.app 3.0 Local Shopping you'll earn a commission on every sale or booking

 Available in version 2.5, SimpleM.app is currently a software platform app builder tool for creating and running your own local Guide, a map-based directory of businesses, events and more. With the upcoming version 3.0, you can easily upgrade your Guide to a fully functional local marketplace where retail shops and businesses can offer and sell their products and services. As a Guide admin, you will receive a commission on every sale or booking.

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First feedback from shop owners was amazing

Made with SimpleM.app app builder 2.5 are currently, for example:

All public Guides are listed in the Guide directory at https://SimpleM.app

The Guide, which you create with the local shopping platform tool SimpleM.app 3.0, can be published as a responsive website (under your domain) and native apps for Android and iOS under your Google Play and Apple App Store account.

Save 50% Fees For 12 Months

We are already very far advanced with the development of upcoming version 3.0 (these are actual screenshots). Before the local shopping app tool will launch, we would like to reward your trust in us if you become a SimpleM.app customer now before version 3.0 is released. Book a package now and benefit twice:

1. Invest in SEO for future traffic

Gain valuable online presence for a good Google search placement due to higher SEO rankings. Start creating your shopping directory now by adding retail stores to your categories, edit opening hours, add a link to the homepage of the business, and much more. You can easily add locations with the online CMS, or import them automatically from CSV, that you have build up by online data harvesting via Website scraping, for example. If your Guide’s data will be available online with version 2.5 even before version 3.0 will automatically upgrade your Guide to a fully functional local marketplace, Google and other search engines will reward that online time with a higher ranking, because your data is already more mature, and link building has already been done. That’s super efficient and free SEO marketing! In addition, you can monetise your Guide with primary listings, ads and other options already today.

2. Save money

You save 50% on the basic fee for the first 12 months and at least until SimpleM.app 3.0 is available. (Applies to the “Your Own Domain” option and the “App” package with a minimum contract period of 12 months).

To redeem the 50% discount, simply order the selected package before version 3.0 is released and within 30 days after registering your free SimpleM.app account using the coupon code
SM-MARKETPLACE-50“. This will give you enough time to test our business directory tool for one month free of charge, before you opt-in to a paid package.

Preview on SimpleM.app 3.0 – The Market Place Software Tool To Build Your Local Shopping App

SimpleM.app 3.0 is a triple win


Residents and tourists become aware of product and service offers from the “shop around the corner” in regional shopping Guides, select interesting offers based on community ratings and comments, and strengthen the regional economy through product purchases and bookings.


Multiple local retailers and businesses increase their sales by advertising products and services on the web and in the app, and contribute to society through sale tax due to increased product sales and service bookings.


As a regionally well connected shopping Guide operator, you create a unique local marketplace by using the SimpleM.app Local Shopping tool, and earn a commission on every product purchase or service booking.