Mobile App Trends for 2017 (c)

How mobile app trends 2017 are supported by SimpleMapp

Buzinessapps just released a new mobile app trends infographic for 2017. They say that mobile users surpassed desktop user’s way back in 2014. Also Facebook reported, that it is used mainly on mobile phones in 2016. We’ve build SimpleMapp with a “Mobile First!” strategy from the beginning. For 2017 the infographic predicts, that location-based services will continue it’s rise. With the ability and ease of use of GPS on all mobile devices today, location-based services (LBS) will begin to evolve further and give users a real-time information or deals based on their whereabouts. Since app builders and app generators such as SimpleMapp became reality in the last years, also small businesses can build their own apps with relative ease and less cost. That’s why according to the report 12% of small businesses in the US plan to build their own app in 2017 in order to increase sales (55%), improve customer experience (50%) or become competitive in market (50%). If a small business builds and releases their own app, the marketing effect may be limited, because everyone needs to know about the small business before they eventually will download their own app.

How can small businesses benefit from their own app but not have to invest a lot of money for SEO and SEA in order to be found?

Your topic specific guide helps small businesses with their marketing

How? With SimpleMapp you can build your own topic specific location-based guide app today, and include many small businesses, events, news and more. New small business owners can easily join with your approval. They find your guide through a SEO optimized website or via Google Play or Apple App Store. Small business owners can then build their own “little app” as a listing in your app, with their own offers, news, integration of their mobile websites and more. They thus can easily use your topic specific location-based guide for their marketing in order to generate leads and increase sales. If you offer your basic listings free of charge they will achive their goals (get leads, increase sales, become competitive in market) with almost no cost. They benefit from your reach to your app users. But how to attract your app users? You will reach your local target audience because your topic is relevant to them. Your app users find, compare, rate, review and contact business owners through your topic specific guide. The following graphic explains how you, small businesses and app users are related.

Your topic specific location-based Guide helps Small Businesses with their Marketing

Earn money with your marketing platform build with SimpleMapp

Why should you build such a topic specific location-based guide? Because you can sell primary listings (gold, silber, bronze) to small businesses that want to stand out. They will be marked with a star on the map and will always be listed on top of the list (this is the business model of Ebay or Google Ads). Also, you can offer to send push notifications in charge of your clients (small business owners) for a little fee. Or you can display ads via Google Admob by entering your own Admob IDs in the settings.

Check out our use cases for examples what you can build with SimpleMapp. You also can find the complete infographic for mobile app trends 2017 here. If you would like to get a free 45 Minute online demo of SimpleMapp, you can request an appointment with our CEO Jonas Soukup here. If you have any other questions please get in contact with us or comment below. We’re happy to help and answer your questions!