SimpleMapp App Creator for Locations, Events and more

We’re super excited to share the launch of SimpleMapp App Creator 2.0 in May 2016 with you! We’ve worked very hard to provide you with the best tool on the planet to create your own branded location-based marketing app. Now you can use SimpleMapp to create a topic specific Local Guide. Add locations/businesses, events and more. Let business owners join your Guide or claim locations already in your database with a single click. With SimpleMapp you will be able to create a digital marketing Guide for Android, iOS and web. How? Read on.

Google Maps is great. When you search for a restaurant, hospital or a gas station nearby you’ll probably find it on Google Maps. Everything is a location. Everything is on Google Maps. With SimpleMapp you can be different and topic specific.

SimpleMapp App Creator is a tool to build a topic specific version of Google Maps published under your brand to Google Play, Apple App Store and on the web

With SimpleMapp you can build an awesome, topic specific Google Maps for Android, iOS and web

What can you do with the location-based App Creator software SimpleMapp?

With SimpleMapp App Creator everyone can build their own, customized Google Maps for a topic of their choice for Android, iOS and Web without programming skills. Locations/businesses, events and other topic related information like pictures, videos and audio files, pages, posts, PDFs or existing webpages can be easily added to one’s App Guide. App Guides build with SimpleMapp are highly relevant for a local target group who find, rate, compare, comment and navigate to local businesses and consult the App Guide as the #1 source of local information if the topic is relevant to them.  Traditional business owners can join your Guide and create a direct marketing channel to app users. They can also claim locations already in your database in order to gain control over that location listing. For efficient marketing, App Guides can be distributed under one’s own name and branding to Google Play and Apple App Store. To build such an App Guide is really easy!

What can you use SimpleMapp tool for? Give me some examples!

SimpleMapp enables industries like Publishers and Advertisers to build Digital Marketing Guides and Top Ten apps, the franchise market with Franchisor and Franchisees to Digitalize Franchise Marketing, Tourism and Public Relations Agencies to build Multimedia City Tour Guides and offer location-based City Marketing apps, Real Estate Agencies to create Apartment Marketing Apps, Umbrella Associations to build association apps for their members, and Entrepreneurs or Appreneurs to build Topic Specific Transparency Databases, App Comparison Portals and Localized Help Maps. Check out our use cases for further information.

How to earn money with SimpleMapp?

SimpleMapp is a tool to earn money. App Makers create their own app monetization strategy from a mix of Paid Primary Listings (Primary A, B, C listings are always displayed at the top of the list despite the sorting and marked with a star on the map), Paid Commercial Categories (create a menu entry and sell out the business listings contained within), Push Message Marketing (sell Push Message to your business owners who can market their event or product to all app users) Mobile Advertising (show Google Admob ads and earn with every page view in your app) or Paid Apps (sell your Android app on Google Play and iOS app on Apple App Store).

Test SimpleMapp, the WordPress™ for location-based apps for free

Creating your App with SimpleMapp is really easy. Sign up for free and try out all features of the “WordPress for location-based apps” before you buy! Create your Guide with an feature packed cloud based CMS, add businesses, import events and more. Use your Guide-ID (set it beforehand in the Guide Settings) to test your app with the Standard SimpleMapp App for Android and iOS; the Standard app will turn into your new app once you enter your Guide-ID.

Thank you for your interest in SimpleMapp. If you have a question, please use the comments below or contact us.

Best regards from Berlin,
Jonas and the SimpleMapp team